• Burgermeester in Ijhal Amsterdam | NL

    In 2014 OJO and Laura Alvarez Architecture were asked to make a proposal for the new restaurant of Burgermeester.

    Burgermeester is a very well known “burger-shop” for its food but still not for the quality of its restaurants.

    As food is the central element for our client, we propose to eat around the cooking area.

    By doing so, on one hand we give a good answer to the speed this place needs and on the other, we create a very cozy atmosphere, stablishing links between people that are eating.

    We choose raw materials for the new concept store: massive wood, leather, concrete. Materials not related to specific trends or time.


    Architect: Office Jarrik Ouburg & laura alvarez architecture

    Team: Laura Alvarez, Jarrik Ouburg

    Location: Amsterdam

    Client: Burgermeester

    Area: 185 m2

    Year: 2014

    Status: Not executed