• Faculty of Fine Arts Vienna | AT

    Adding a new building in such a small space between three existing (and architectonically different) buildings could easily lead into an unclear urban ensemble.

    The VerbindungsTrakt in our opinion is a big obstacle to succeed with the extension of the Faculty.

    It does solve the difference in height between the two volumes and also does not establish a convincing link between the two buildings from a urban point of view. We therefore consider instrumental the removal of this element.

    Our proposal merges the Schwanzer-Trakt and the new extension into one new building, what we called the “Iceberg”. The iceberg preserves the shape of the Schwanzer-Trakt towards the Promenade and has an sculptural shape towards the inner courtyard.

    This curved shape relates mainly to a sunlight study. Trying the best sun orientation and where possible keeping enough space for the inner garden.

    A more straight design (as per the building regulations) would end up in a very narrow and deep garden which will no longer keep any of the current garden qualities.