• Leisure Pavilion | MEX

    Area social arises from the wish of our clients to have an outdoor place for their family to meet.

    The clients share a big land with their kids and their kid's families, a total of 20 people.

    Their wish is to celebrate their birthdays, family-related events but also to use it as a playing area for the grandkids or an informal meeting area connected with the garden for the adults.

    A small kitchenette and restrooms were also required.

    The garden has a very beautiful tree that dominates its surrounding space.

    This tree was the starting point of our design.

    A three-leg shape creates a big platform alternating closed and open spaces.

    Each leg contains a function: service spaces, leisure/ playing area and room for celebrations.

    The pavilion materialized in wood and concrete, blends in the landscape due to its permeable character.


    Location: Culiacán, MEX

    Area: 127 m²

    Program: Public toilets, lounge area, and meeting room

    Architect: Laura Alvarez Architecture B.V.  & CRUDO

    Team: Laura Alvarez, Esmeralda Bierma, Mar Muñoz

    Year: 2017-ongoing