• Leisure Pavilion | MEX

    The pavilion is situated in the garden on a terrain where one big family is living in several houses. The pavilion is the place where everyone can come together and the kids can play on the playground, next to the pavilion. To open up the pavilion in different direction the shape got three directions and becomes a sort tripot shape (three legs).

    The building exists of closed volumes and an open center. It has a tripot shape, on two ‘legs’ of the building there is closed volume and on the third one it is an open area to hang around and relax in the hammocks. In the closed volumes there is an inside room for gathering and movie nights. In the other volume the kitchen and the bathroom can be foud. Furthermore both volumes are conntected with the open center of the pavilion.

    A tree placed in the core in order to bring the nature which surround the pavilion inside. This open center with the tree in the middle has to function as an outside gathering space and a place for events. Both the kitchen and the enclosed room are connected to this space and could be used together or seperately.


    Location: Culiacán, MEX

    Area: 127 m²

    Program: Public toilets, lounge area and meeting room

    Architect: laura alvarez architecture; in collaboration with C1

    Team: Laura Alvarez, Esmeralda Bierma, Mar Muñoz (project architect)

    Year: 2017-ongoing