• Market hall and square Santo Tirso | PT

    Our project has two main goals. On one hand to transform the existing market hall into a vibrant and dynamic public space. On the other hand to redesign the derelict surrounding public space.

    In order to do so, we propose a new multifunctional square with gardens and recreational areas. This new public space will also host fairs, events or gastronomical activities.

    In the center of the square, a new programmed market hall will contribute to the new liveliness of the area.

    The new FOOD lab

    Food represents a big cultural heritage for Portugal. We have changed the way we buy, the way we eat. A traditional market can be nowadays enriched with new eating areas, spaces for gastronomic activities or weekly food fairs.

    In order to create this new FOODlab, the existing building will undergo a major transformation.

    A new roof creates a covered space to protect the goods and eating areas from the rain and the sun.

    The ground floor in direct connection with the square is understood as a dynamic area with groceries, meat, and fish stalls. Around the central court, tapas bars and small food shops are organized. The central space is kept as a main empty space to allow sporadic events to take place. Wine tasting,  local product sales, etc could be organized in this area.

    The upper floor on street level, host a more permanent program, with cafes, restaurants, a multifunctional space, and a co-cooking area.


    Location: Santo Tirso, Portugal

    Client: Municipality of Santo Tirso, Portugal

    Area: 4000 m² market hall, 25.000 m² public square

    Program: New public square and conversion of the existing market hall into a FOOD lab containing a market, food court area, workshop areas, multifunctional spaces, cafe, restaurant, cooking school and cooks-in residence units.

    Author: Laura Alvarez Architecture B.V.

    Team: Laura Alvarez, Oihane Garcia, Leire Alvarez Marcos, Esmeralda Bierma, Arun Jansen, Mar Muñoz Aparici, Elise Nguyen, Aleksandra Shopova, Matteo Silverii, Marjolijn Vrolijk

    Year: 2016-ongoing

    Status: FIRST PRIZE, ongoing

    Europan 13, International competition 2016