• Nautic Club | MEX

    The Marina Beach Club situated on the west coast of Mexico is a social club for people to store their boats and yachts, to go sailing, fishing, relaxing, dining and enjoying water activities like canoeing.

    The marina was built in 2004 and it has been extended several times without a clear master plan behind all these additions.

    The result is a rather disorganized structure with several wood huts (palapas), service areas and walkways.

    Our client requested a new high-end restaurant including storages, restrooms, kitchen and eating areas.

    Office spaces were also needed.

    The existing palapas with their rounded shape created a very distinctive stamp among the mangrove trees.

    A different and yet strong shape was required in order to create a new architectural language that could dialogue with the traditional constructions.

    Five sculptured concrete boxes contain kitchen, toilets, storages, offices and installation rooms.

    These volumes are connected by a paved square to emphasize their distinct character.

    Two new palapas have been added to accommodate the additional eating areas of the restaurant.

    A series of new wooden pathways connect old and new parts.

    New landscape design helps to hold all the pieces together.